Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Serpentine belt squealing on Jeep?

The belt squeals real loud on my Jeep. I have already changed the belt and adjusted it several times. I have narrowed it down. When I turn off the A/C it stops squealing. At this point I assume it is the pulley. Can I buy the pulley at a parts store like Autozone and change it or do I have to replace the whole compressor?
Serpentine belt squealing on Jeep?
You can change the pulley, it comes off as part of the clutch assembly. Autozone can lend you the tool to pull of the clutch.

If it still squeals after you change it you may need to change that compressor, if it's getting ready to seize up it would put more drag than normal on the belt causing it to squeal. In fact this is most likely your problem, but I'm with you, change the cheap and easy part first, you might get lucky.
Serpentine belt squealing on Jeep?
spray some wd 40 on the belt while its making noise wear eye protection if noise quits shitty belt if noise remains replace compressor pully and bearing you might loose freon

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