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Cost to replace serpentine belt? 99 Escort ZX2 Henderson, NV?

I have a 99 Escort ZX2. I took it to Midas to get the an oil change and coolant flush, and they told me it needed a new serpentine belt. They originally quoted me $105, but I didn't have the money at the time so I came back a couple weeks later. Well, the second time I went, they told me I was 'undercharged' for the belt and they tried to charge me $145 (total). The guy was on the phone talking to a guy from Autozone about getting the belt. When I checked the bill, I was being charged $56 for labor, and $70 for the belt. After doing some research, this repair takes 20 minutes max and the price of the belt on autozone.com was $21.99! I understand they upcharged the parts, but $150 an hour labor and tripling the price of parts in ridiculous.

Was I getting the shaft, or is this typical (or is it typical to get the shaft, lol)? Anyone else know a national chain that would give me better pricing, or a local place that won't screw me over in the Henderson, NV area?
Cost to replace serpentine belt? 99 Escort ZX2 Henderson, NV?
Next time, spend 30 bucks on a 1/2%26quot; breaker-bar and $21.99 on the belt and change it on a sunny day. Labor I can see, but the markup on the part seems a little steep. They probably got it at Autozone
Cost to replace serpentine belt? 99 Escort ZX2 Henderson, NV?
It seems every time I take my car in for an oil change or anything else they say that to me. I discovered recently when my son was a lube tech at Honda that a belt or any other work is considered an %26quot;upsell%26quot; and everyone from the lube tech to the mechanic gets a bonus.

Do you really even need it?

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make a complaint to your local states atty general`s office file a fraud complaint. next time buy the belt and do the job your self, it can be done in 10 minutes and the cost including tools, should be under $40.00. they saw you comming, as stuck it to you but good. when you lift the hood, the replacement diagram and procedure is right on the radiator flange. when in doubt, dont be afraid to ask your friends and or relatives in the area, most would be only too glad to help, and a cold case of soda would be a lot cheaper than what you paid

Why does my 1999 monte carlo stall past 4 rpm?

I have a 1999 monte carlo, and I changed the water pump and serpentine belt recently and I did bleed the engine. Now when i rev up my engine in nuetrual when I get to 4 rpm it starts stalling. Any ideas? This car has 97,000 miles and needs a tune up soon, Could it maybe be the spark plugs or wires? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Why does my 1999 monte carlo stall past 4 rpm?
your computer has a rev limiter to prevent engine damage. that i will cause your engine to stutter and try to stall when your in park or neutral and you rev it up past 3500 rpm. it makes the car idiot proof.
Why does my 1999 monte carlo stall past 4 rpm?
maby a fuel filter would help with a tune up....im not sure what motor you have...was the water pump driven by the timing chain?..maby that's not lined up correctly
It would seem that one of two things could be an issue. Fuel pump pressure or a severely loaded fuel filter that's restricting fuel flow.

It's a good policy to replace the plugs, wires, cap and rotor with genuine AS-Delco parts if they haven't been done in the past five years. Ignition coil issues can be tricky to diagnose. A GM engine analyzer hooked to your on-board computer would tell you if one of them was laying down on you causing cylinders to drop off. If one of the coils is faulty you loose two of the six cylinders.
Why are you reving it up while just sitting there?

That's silly.


Well, I guess you shouldn't just sit there and rev it up.

Does it drive OK??

I don't see what the problem is.

It's just the neutral rev limiter kicking in?


Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?

I have a f-150 with the 5.0 engine and it keeps shearing off the bolts that holds the alternator and smog pump bracket to the engine. I changed the serpentine belt and Idler pulley and reinstalled the bracket and it did it again. Has anyone seen this problem before and if so how do I repair it?
Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?
Check to see if you're motor mounts are worn or broken. This can make the engine vibrate and work harden the bolts leading to stress fractures. Alos make sure that its tuned correctly and not shaking from low or rough idle. Good luck!!
Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?
ive had this problem with my 95 it was doing it when i cranked the engine over it when it first started it would shake violently causing it to happen fix the bolts again and then have someone start it up while you watch it and you my see a violent action when your engine initially begins to run does your truck vibrate roughly when cold if it does you need to garage it when you can it ll help keep temp up on if it does start with a big shake replace spark plugs and also get stronger bolts that'll help hold it together

Try checking your axles it could be what your driving is causing brackets to flex make sure axles are performing correctly

LOUD squeak coming from serpentine belt?

We changed the alternator and had to loosen the belt (1).When we replaced everything and tightened the belt it became very loud. Like power steering pump squeak. Hard to tell where it is coming from.The squeak wasn't there before.Is belt too tight or too loose? (95 Jeep Cherokee SE 4.0)
LOUD squeak coming from serpentine belt?
Your belt may be loose, or you may have a bed bering in one of your pulley's. I would start by getting the belt tightened. If that does not work you can easily find out where the noise is coming from......

1. Take a long screwdriver and CAREFULLY place it on everything that has a pulley. (Alternator, tensioner, etc.)

2. Place your ear on the end of the screwdriver. The screwdriver will magnify any noise that is going on inside that may be causing the problem.

You can also buy belt compound that will %26quot;moisten%26quot; your belt. Some really old school guys use a bar of soap on the belt to lubricate it. I would not reccoment that though. Very dangerous.

Hope you get it fixed....
LOUD squeak coming from serpentine belt?
Do that with a screwdriver and you could get it shoved in your head.

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Squealing belt = loose belt


= pulley not turning for whatever reason
On v-belt in the past I touched a bar of soap to the edges and they stopped squealing. I would try tighitening the belt first.
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  • I have a 93 saturn sL1 i need to no what a part is?

    i have a 93 Saturn sl1 Manuel shift 5 speed duel head and we changed the serpentine belt but we had to take a part off that was just above it and noticed it was broke can anyone tell me what that part is if you have seen one i was needing a new one but how am i sappose to no what to buy unless i no what it is please no rud caments if someone has a saturn or a diagram to what parts on the motor are and can tell me please help
    I have a 93 saturn sL1 i need to no what a part is?
    Don't know exactly which part you're talking about, but the other members seemed to be on the right track. (John Paul and HobbaBob) I'm guessing the same. You probably need to replace the Top Engine Mount (also called the Top Torque-Axis Mount). It is held by three bolts (to the engine), and two bolts to the frame, and has hard vulcanized rubber in the middle, right?

    If so...That's the part you'll need. (Upper Engine Mount, Saturn Part #21012185)

    Next time you want to change the belt, you don't have to remove the engine mount (as you'll need to hold up your engine with a jack (usually on the oil pan) to take the engine mount on and off). You technically need to loosen and re-tighten the lower mount after you've removed the upper mount.

    The best way is actually to take off the passenger side front wheel, and remove the plastic splash guard panel. From there you will have clear access to the tensioner. You can just slip a socket on the tensioner, turn clockwise to loosen the tensioner... and the belt will slide right off. You can replace the belt with the same technique. One thing to note though... if you replaced the belt because it was %26quot;squealing%26quot;, you probably should have replaced the tensioner along with it.

    I'll find some links for you to review.


    Okay... here we go:

    For tensioner replacement (submitted by the Wolfman): http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/showthr鈥?/a>

    Here are instructions for Upper Engine Mount replacement (submitted by the Wolfman): http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/showthr鈥?/a>

    Here are instructions for loosening and tightening the lower engine mount after any of the Torque-Axis Mounts have been messed with (submitted by Luke):


    This one was written by jasonpopnc (and is the same way I changed my belts without messing with the engine mount):


    I have a 93 saturn sL1 i need to no what a part is?
    Go to an auto parts store and ask them what it is, the guys behind the counter there are your best bet for a quick identification.
    Sounds to me a trip to Saturn is in order! Not the planet the car dealer! You probably removed the engine mount to get the serpentine belt tensioner turned to remove the belt. So is that what you found broken? Rubber part torn? %26quot;Motor Mount%26quot; You could take a picture of it and send it to me?
    while you don't actualy have to remove the right side top mount [bolted to the engine and to the body] to change the serpintine belt it is probably easier for a homeowner to do so, and this is probably the part in question [metal brackets and rubber] ? a clear discription of the actual part would be more helpful
    I couldn't find the diagram online but I did find a place that will answer questions for you. I posted the address below. If I find something else, I will repost.

    How do you change the power steering belt on a l993 grand am with an overhead cam?

    I all ready did the serpentine belt. I dont know how to get the steering belt off. What do you have to do to get it off? Its not like others I have done in the past. thanks for any help.
    How do you change the power steering belt on a l993 grand am with an overhead cam?
    Shoot i been a while since i have done one but if i remeber right you have to loosen the bolts on the pump to make it slide so you can take the belt off.
    How do you change the power steering belt on a l993 grand am with an overhead cam?
    You don't change it with an overhead cam. You change it with a wrench.

    04 Chrysler Town & Country - What does my serpentine belt squeak?

    My serp belt was %26quot;chirping%26quot; sounded like a cricket living under the hood. I changed the belt, but the noise still occurred. I changed the Tensioner.. still the same.. I changed the Idler Pulley.. Results are the same.. Would a bad water pump or power steering pump pully cause this noise? I did not add any dressing to the belt.. I hear that is actually not recommended. Any thoughts?
    04 Chrysler Town %26amp; Country - What does my serpentine belt squeak?
    How many miles on the water pump?

    Alternator is possible, P/S unlikely, A/C very possible

    Take belt off and check them. looking for play or drag when spun by hand. Noise too, so turn down the radio in the garage.

    Me I have a belt stethoscope to check where the noises come from. Real figgin handy and cheap from harbor frieght(way less than that tensioner you bought!)

    Sci ASE Tech since 1978, 96 T%26amp;C 3.8L
    04 Chrysler Town %26amp; Country - What does my serpentine belt squeak?
    I replaced an alternator for this noise once and it fixed it. The customer was scared it was going to go out and he would have a dead battery. What reminded me of this was that when it came in the customer had replaced the belt prior thinking it was a belt noise.